The Kenyan Citizen 4 Good Governance C.B.O is directly involved in the local level lobby and advocacy focusing on community priorities. Through the SIX thematic areas of its activities (Public Participation, Governance and Leadership, Women/Girls Empowerment, Boy Child Empowerment, Water and Sanitation, and Sustainable Entrepreneurship), the organization assists in the baseline survey to identify key priority issues to be used for lobbying and advocacy. The Kenyan Citizen 4 Good Governance C.B.O engages in dialogue forums with Partners and County Government stakeholders separately to identify and address policy gaps on its thematic areas. The consultative forums are used to organize, to enable the stakeholders to engage in monitoring the implementation of the policies, assess challenges and best practices as well as hold stakeholders accountable for their prior commitments.


Techniques for effective advocacy used by Kenyan Citizen 4 Good Governance C.B.O
Policy monitoring and public accountability
Policy dialogue – ICT and mainstream development policy
Campaigns for policy change
Building the advocacy capacity of stakeholder groups
Pathfinder and demonstrator projects
Advocacy planning and implementation by Kenyan Citizen 4 Good Governance C.B.O
A.    Preliminary steps
  1. Identifying the problems and the policy issues
  2. Defining the advocacy goal
  • Consulting and building relationships
  1. Establishing credibility as an advocate
B.    Analysing the policy environment
  1. Identifying relevant policies, laws and regulations
  2. Mapping relations of power and decision making
  • Considering the options for policy change
C.    Developing the strategy
  1. Focusing on the goal and objectives
  2. Identifying the target audiences
  • Identifying allies and opponents
  1. Selecting the advocacy approach
  2. Identifying the key messages
D.    Framing the plan
  1. Preparing a plan of action
  2. Budgeting and identifying resources
  • Risk assessment
E.    Implementation
  1. Getting the message across
  2. Using the media
  • Building partnerships and coalitions
  1. Employing tactics and negotiation
  2. Monitoring and evaluation